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Codeante is an easy-to-use project manager
for software- and document projects.

Complete control over your versions.

Keep track of all the versions your project has or will ever have.

Be aware of what needs to be done.

You can assign tasks to every version and team member you have.

Make sure, everything comes at the right time.

Add dependencies to your tasks to make sure they only are done when they're ready to be done.

Squash bugs.

Bugs happen. Let Codeante help you squash them out by letting customers submit bug reports - or just make the list internally.

Discuss new ideas.

If you're a team and need to discuss about critical changes or just completely new ideas - Codeante has got you covered.

Beta test everything.

Make sure everything is just right by releasing BETA versions (public and private).

Perfect for teams, just right for you.

Whether you're working in a team or as a single person - Codeante is just right for both worlds.

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