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Codeante will be discontinued on July 1st, 2018.

Help › Attachments

How do attachments work?

Attachments are file uploads for tasks, bugs and threads. You can use them to make points clear or give resources to your team. Simply add up to two attachments and click Save.

Why can't I upload stuff?

There are a variety of reasons for that:

  • Do you have the correct plan for using attachments? (Free does not have attachments)
  • Did you exceed your limit? You can only upload files up to a certain limit. If you exceed your limit, new uploads will fail. You can delete older stuff to make room.
  • Did you abuse attachments? If you abuse(d) attachments chances are, you were banned from using this feature.

How do I delete attachments?

If you need to make room or simply want to clean up you can always delete attachments you no longer need. Simply visit a task, bug or thread, that has attachments made by you and edit it. There you have the option to delete attachments.

What happens when my plan ends?

Codeante won't delete any of your uploads but you won't be able to upload new ones. You can always delete files.