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Codeante will be discontinued on July 1st, 2018.

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How can I switch my plan?

If you decide to down- or upgrade, visit the Account page to switch your plan. If you need something special, contact us at mail{a..t}codeante.com and we'll find a solution.

How can I pay for my plan?

After you chose a plan and 7 days before your current plan expires you'll be asked to pay for the next cycle - annually or monthly. You can do so by visiting the Account page and following the guide.

What payment services are accepted?

Codeante currently only allows PayPal to be used but more service are to come soon!

Can I get an invoice?

Of course! Visit the Account page to get an overview of all your payments. Choose one and just print the page. Our printer ninjas will then optimize the page for printing.

What happens when my plan expires?

If you choose not to extend your subscription you will be assigned to the free plan. Additional projects and attachments will still be available but not writable until you switch to a larger plan.

Can I get discounts?

Watch out for discount specials on twitter and the GIDIX blog.