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Codeante will be discontinued on July 1st, 2018.

Help › Permissions

What are permissions?

With permissions you can control, who is allowed to do what in your projects (Personal or Pro required). These settings are fine-grained and allow you to create different roles for different users.

How do I control permissions?

Visit your project's team page. You can add new users to your team by entering the username at the bottom (non-case sensitive). After you have added a user you can edit their permissions by clicking the checkboxes underneath the username. Be sure to save your changes!

How do I create permission groups?

Creating permission groups makes it easier to apply permissions to more than one user at once. However this feature is not available yet but is planned for the future.

Why does the 'edit bugs' permission do?

'Edit bugs' allows user with this permission to set labels on bugs and delete bugs. This permission does not allow editing the content of a bug report.

Why can't I do "feature X"?

First, ask the project's owner why you're not allowed to do certain features. If you believe you found a bug, please report it at bugreport.codeante.com/6 (bonus points for using your account for that!).