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Codeante will be discontinued on July 1st, 2018.

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How do I create a new project?

First, think of a great new idea you want to do. After you found an idea, decide whether you want to work alone or with a team on it. Then go to the Projects page and click "New Project" in the sidebar.

I exceeded my projects limit.

That's no question but this is very unfortunate. Luckily you can upgrade to a plan with a larger projects capacity. Just go to the Account page and choose a larger plan.

How do I change the logo and name of my project?

Nothing is forever - so are logos and product names. Visit your project's settings to change the logo and name.

How do I transfer my project to someone else?

Make sure the person you want to transfer your project to is part of your projects. If you haven't added the person yet, go to your project's Team page and add that person.
After that visit your project's settings and enter the recipient's username into the "Transfer Project" option in the danger zone.
Note: Only the recipient can transfer the project back to you in case you changed your mind!

I'm done with my project. How do I delete it?

Oh :( We hope you've got a better one then! To delete your old project go to the project's settings and enter the project's name (it has to be exact!) and your account's password into the danger zone.
Note: Everything associated with that projects (especially attachments) will be deleted forever. This action cannot be undone.